Trajeto livre - Obstacle detection device to aid the mobility of the visually impaired


  • João Alfredo Santana
  • Evandro Vicente de Oliveira Ferreira
  • Bruno Pohlot Ricobom
  • André Bellin Mariano


Assistive technology, Locomotion, Visually impaired, Trajeto Livre


This work aims to develop an assistive technology device to help the locomotion of blind and low vision people, increasing their autonomy and safety, detecting obstacles higher than knee and floor that will not be identified with a regular stick for visually impaired people. To obtain the technical definition of this project it was surveyed academic works, products, it was developed its own methodology to define the optimal position of sensors, components and cost evaluation to achieve a lower final price than the available products on the market. The prototype is made by sensors that will have the signal processed by the microcontroller, which will turn on the vibration motor on the bracelet. To the user, the vibration stimulus will vary in intensity and intermittence to provide which distance and height are the nearest obstacles. The device was built and tested in modules and then tests were done with the complete system by the team and by potential users, in which the operation was evaluated and possible improvements were defined.






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Santana, J. A., Ferreira, E. V. de O., Ricobom, B. P., & Mariano, A. B. (2023). Trajeto livre - Obstacle detection device to aid the mobility of the visually impaired. Caderno De ANAIS HOME. Retrieved from